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Hi there! I'm an artist, art/content producer and creative consultant based in Los Angeles with more than 15 years of experience working in advertising and publishing. My love for beautiful imagery and art runs deep thanks to having grown up in Rochester, NY - the hometown of Eastman Kodak. From a young age, I was always interested in cameras and rifling through my parent's stacks of National Geographic Magazine.

Since then, I've taken that passion and produced content for a wide range of clients including YouTube, Subaru, Honda, Intel, Volkswagen, Infiniti/Nissan, Mazda, Dr Pepper, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Anthem, Uber, PlayStation, HTC and Angel Soft. Prior to my career in advertising, I worked in the photo department at Essence Magazine in NYC where I produced shoots for the center of the book, music/culture, fashion, beauty, and food/living sections of the Magazine. Before I transitioned into photo editing, I began my professional career in public relations and wrote press releases, developed PR plans and secured attention from top-tier media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and NY Times for various renowned high-tech companies. 

I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising/Mass Communications from the School of Communications at Boston University. I also have an Associate's Degree in Photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). 

Artist Statement

My work examines the transformational power of nature and the source of creation. I use alcohol ink to capture movement and convey the idea that living beings and the universe we inhabit are in a constant state of transformation and development - from the tiniest cell or microorganism to the greater cosmos. The ink is very spontaneous and free-flowing much like the state of nature as demonstrated in undulating waves, cell growth and energy itself. The circular forms are not meant to be perfect but organic and suggest this constant change. My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look at nature as a way to heal and transform as it has done so for me.

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M: 646.373.8550

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