"I've had the serious privilege of working on several jobs with Mara as an art producer and as a consultant. I have witnessed her magic of handling stressful situations to make it all flow smoothly. Mara knows the business and now she is offering her time as a consultant. If I was a photographer I would not walk, but sprint to grab this opportunity!" - ANDREA STERN, STERN REP, Artist Agent

"At last!!  I found the perfect person to collaborate with.  I've worked with Mara as both Art Producer and photographic consultant on a variety of projects and her advice has been spot-on.  In such a cut-throat industry, to have someone to count on for solid direction has been invaluable.  I have a few personal projects in the pipeline that has her name written all over them!" - PAUL BARSHON, Photographer

"I believe every creative needs a consultant. As an artist, it’s important to find your voice and stay true to your vision but you’re going to need someone to help you map out this journey. Mara is a great listener and is always open to my ideas. She never tries to put me in a category or market in which I do not belong, which is an essential quality of an art consultant. As a photo producer, she has experience of both sides, working in the editorial and commercial market. During the launch of my personal project, @projectrecognition, her advice was critical, from picking my model to writing my statement. Mara is a great asset to any photographer who wants to evolve his or her career, start a serious personal project, or even when you just feel lost and need some advice. I highly recommend her to all my photographers and colleagues in L.A." - REZA BAHRAMI, Photographer

"If there's one thing that has tended to get pushed aside in my career, especially over time as I've gotten busier in both my life and my work, it's marketing. Formulating a plan, knowing what to do and who to reach out to can be daunting.  I hired Mara to guide me in my marketing and to act as a coach; and she has done that and much more. For instance, the longer term personal project I'm currently working on, stemmed from Mara's suggestion after reviewing another body of my work. She is thoughtful, creative, and Mara understands what is relevant to the industry today. She operates with a great deal integrity and I happily recommend her to anyone interested in her services." AARON FALLON, Photographer

"The challenge of editing and organizing your own work can be daunting.  Fortunately, Mara helped me cull my mass of photographs down to a focused set of my most powerful images.  I think it is her background in photography and art production that gives her the eye to make quick, but well thought out choices.  Those choices helped me trim and re-organize my portfolio into it’s best visual appeal and flow.  Since our consultation sessions I feel my portfolio has been enjoyed more by each potential client I meet with.  The positive comments and feedback they have given are a testament to Mara’s ability to craft my broad and eclectic body of work into a clearer picture of who I want to be as a photographer."  MATT COBLEIGH, Photographer

"Mara evaluated my business from an industry perspective that I've never seen before and came up with task-oriented projects that are realistic with my life/career.  I've already recommended her to friends and am excited to continue working with her on my portfolio and rebranding." MATT HARBICHT, Photographer

"Mara and MJ68 go way back to around 8 years ago when we were slinging pictures for some soda pop, and then we tackled a lot of Volkswagen together. Advertising, if you are in IT, you know how IT is; and, Mara is a pro...and fun...and organized. She is a juggler, and you know what I mean. It is a rare breed, the fellow who can tackle the mountain without wearing his shoes...Nobody has actually ever said that before.  I just totally made it up, but it suits her.  Mara is a complete bad-ass and we LOVE working with her. She is solid. Quick to laugh, which is a rich quality in the insanity. One experience comes to mind; the time we were on a trail, clinging to the side of a forested cliff.  It had a fabulous view—tops of trees and circling birds. The road was so narrow, we weren't certain where we would turn around to get back. ATV's ruled the trail, and Mara drove one while belly laughing. If that doesn't say something about her, nothing will." - MICHAEL HORTA/ADAM BRAID, MJ 68 PRODUCTIONS

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