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Instagram Live with Mathieu Young

Tune in for a fun and informative conversation with Photographer, Director and Art of Freelance Co-Founder

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing LA-based photographer/director and Art of Freelance co-founder Mathieu Young for KOMYOON's Instagram Live interview series called The Pit Stop. As an IG Live newbie it was a great experience and lovely to see so many familiar folks tune in to watch my debut.

Mathieu and I chatted about Art of Freelance, industry predictions for the next 12 months, the importance of progress over perfection, and becoming a new dad. Check it out here. And while you're at it, tune in to the other enlightening interviews hosted by the ladies at KOMYOON - Our co-founder Jigisha Bouverat kicks off the series to interview Jayanta Jenkins, co-founder of SATURDAY MORNING while Sonia Pandya raps with Nico Marks, podcast host of Positive Papi & Friends.

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